Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Previous Studio

copyright © kay eneim 2004

My studio in our previous was great to have a room for a studio...but without a north light window, I struggled with the lighting. This south-light window provided an ever changing light source.

A north facing window gives a beautiful cool light that remains fairly constant for working with a live model or still life set-up. I have yet to be able to work with artificial lights. To me, they seem harder on the eyes. It seems using only natural north light is an's pretty tough to beat what God has provided...can't, in fact.

The 'Open Box M' easel here is designed for painting outdoors (en pleinair) but it worked just fine then as my studio easel. I still put it to use in my present studio, from time to time, and for pleinair painting. It proved a worthy first purchase...oh, and there are lots of paint blotches on it now!