Monday, July 23, 2012

Morning's Glory

'Morning's Glory' . 9" x 12" . oil on copper
© 2012 kay eneim

I do love this sheep barn in Vermont... especially in the early morning hours of Springtime.

It was a rainy day, this one... but all was cozy inside the sheep barn.
The little sparrows were flitting and resting on the ledge, soaking up the morning light... waiting for the sheep man to bring some grain for the nursing ewes with lambs.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

'What's in a name? ... a rose by any other name...' (thank you, Mr. Shakespeare, sir)

It's uncomfortable to forget a person's name or to not know how to pronounce it, right?

I know our last name can be tricky... so... in case you were wondering how to pronounce 'Eneim'... it's really very simple.

Eneim is eh+name... that's it...  short 'e' + name.
Or sometimes the family says 'eeee name', especially when pronouncing it over the phone.

So... Eneim is 'eh name'......... in case you were wondering... (  :

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saving Paint

I suppose there are many ways we can try to save the paint on our palette... and I have probably tried most of them.

I'm not crazy about the idea of freezing the little blobs left over on the palette... I know freezing can change things chemically.

The idea of covering with water never went far for me.

Here's what I have been doing for quite a while now.... I cover the palette with a double thickness of plastic wrap and then cover that with foil. I have used the same sheet of foil for a very long time. I now have some heavy cardboard that I have wrapped with the same foil I started using a long time ago. (I'm showing the foil side up, but actually the foil side always touches the plastic wrap.)

I like this system.

However, the dry summer heat here usually makes the paint set pretty quickly on the palette... usually after a few hours of painting. Even the cadmiums don't usually last much longer than a couple of days on the palette.

My dabs of paint are small, but that's mostly because I prefer to refresh them after a bit in these summer months, rather than work with crusty tops and thick paint... or I sometimes know that I will only have a short bit of time to paint.

Oh... and I wash my brushes every night... they stay much better under that wrap until I get them washed.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's July! Already! Really??!!

May God bless America... please.

... and the next two weeks are ready to record.

I have been enjoying... a lot, actually... Gennine's Art blog.

I've taken her sketch/journaling idea and am excited to run with it...

... this is not exactly oil painting, but watercolor and pen... a much more immediate medium... and so fun.

BUT... nothing is quite like oil paint...
... to me, oil paints touch the heart like nothing else.