Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lisa II

'Lisa II' . oil on linen panel . 14 x 11 . 2008
copyright © kay eneim 2008

This is of the model and artist, Lisa. (If you click on the label 'portrait oil painting' on the right of this page, you can see the other portrait of her in the July 2, 2009 post.) This, too, was painted in Chris Saper's workshop last summer.

I spent much less time with this one, but enjoyed it.

We had a week with Chris and Gamblin's 'Torrit Grey' oil paint! Every year Gamblin Artists Colors cleans out their air filtration equipment (Torit Air Filtration system) and they give away the paint that they gather. They call this color their 'Torrit Grey'.

Each year this Torrit Grey is different and not for sale, but is given away for their annual contest. All of the entries must be painted with no more than Torrit Grey, black, and white. Chris' theme for her workshop was to assist her students in submitting a painting for the competition.

I had great plans to study portrait painting in greyscale that week. I lasted no more than a few hours. I needed to work with color! Chris was happy to let me be a 'rebel' in the class.

As it turned out...Chris deservedly won the Gamblin national contest that year!