Tuesday, May 23, 2017

'Yellow Peonies'

'Yellow Peonies' . 20" x 16" . oil on linen panel
copyright © 2017 kay eneim

The blooming season for yellow peonies seems to be very short... at least from a painter's perspective. And they certainly don't care to bloom anywhere in Arizona. At least I've never heard of peonies blooming in Arizona. It's a pity.

As such, I was very happy to find these yellow peonies from the local florist... very happy.
It can be tricky to find them and I needed to finish up this painting begun last year.
I think yellow peonies are really beautiful... extraordinary.

There are some David Austin roses from the garden in this mix, too. They have been exploding with blossoms lately... happily blooming in Arizona.

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