Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amy's David Austin & Blueberries

"Amy's David Austin & Blueberries" . 8 x 10 . oil on panel . 2010
copyright © kay eneim 2010

I am temporarily without a garden. For me, trying to paint without a garden is a bit of misery!

I have been searching for something to inspire a new painting. That inspiration hit when I went to the local nursery with my daughter who happens to be a Master Gardener and landscape designer.

We came across a new variety of blueberry that is supposed to do well here in Arizona... so there we go... it now sits in a pot in the patio, loaded with new unripened berries just beginning to blush with alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue. I had to, ...had to paint them!

Later that day, I was gifted a rose from my daughter's 'David Austin' in her garden... it was the last blossom left on that rosebush. It just may be my next favorite variety... it produces incredibly beautiful roses.

I sure love roses from the garden.