Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fig and Manzanita Berries

"Fig and Manzanita Berries" . oil on linen panel . 14 x 18 . 2009
copyright© kay eneim 2009

...slice of a fig from the garden...

When I bought a twiggy little bare-root fig tree three years ago, the nurseryman told me it probably wouldn't fruit out if grown in a pot...that it would probably need more room for its roots in order to bear much fruit.

I wanted a fig tree in a pot because I thought it could provide some shade and be movable to spots in most need of shade while, at the same time, be pretty as a potted tree.

As it turns out, this little tree had close to fifty figs this summer...and still counting... and it has really large 10" leaves for shade...and it is a very beautiful little tree in the pot...so glad I tried it.